Slow Flow Hatha Yoga

Slow Flow Hatha Yoga

Class times: 
Wednesday 3-4pm 
Friday 7:30-9.00 am 
(Please arrive 5-10 mins prior to class)

Teacher: Samantha Ziman: Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates and Hatha Yoga teacher (Embody Movement Physio and Pilates)
Phone: 0753379853
Text: 0401263516

Classes currently running. Please book in prior to attendance. 

Slow Flow Hatha yoga is an explorative practice, we cover floor, standing and balance poses. We work with the breath, alignment and muscle activations to help you feel stronger, energised, relaxed, grounded, inspired. 

It is a flowing class where you’re taken on a journey of feeling each stretch or movement in your body. This helps with releasing tight muscles, strengthening weak muscles, preventing/ healing from injuries and improving self-awareness. 

We cover Asana’s (physical postures), Pranayama (breath practices) and Bandha’s (muscle activations, body locks).

There is an intentional focus on improving flexibility with safety. 

The class ends in Savasana which is our final meditation/ rest. 

All levels welcome. 

Please bring a yoga mat and bolster. Blocks and straps provided.